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Tips for tornado season
Here’s what to do before and during a tornado:

  • Know where you can take shelter in the event of the storm. Practice a family tornado drill once a year.
  • Prepare by gathering emergency supplies, including nonperishable food, water, medication, batteries and flashlights. Keep
    the emergency kit packed and easily accessible.
  • Know the signs of a tornado: persistent winds, swirling dust or debris under a cloud base, loud continuous roar or rumble.
  • Know the difference and help your children understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning.
  • Tornado Watch: Current weather conditions could create a tornado, so be on the lookout.
  • Tornado Warning: A tornado has been sighted in the area. Seek shelter immediately and listen to the radio for further
    updates. A tornado warning is much more serious than a tornado watch.  
  • If a tornado is likely or known, take shelter indoors, preferably in a basement or interior first-floor room or hallway.
  • Avoid windows and seek additional protection under large furniture or mattresses. This will protect you from flying debris.
  • After a tornado has struck, stay out of heavily damaged homes or buildings. Keep clear of downed power lines, broken glass
    and other debris. Avoid lighting matches and cigarettes due to possibly ruptured gas lines. Try to stay calm. Help will arrive.

Review your insurance coverage!
Protect Your Identity

  • In the time it takes for you to brew a cup of coffee, a thief could steal your identity.
  • With Erie Insurance’s Identity Recovery Coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that if someone steals your identity
    or your money — help is just a phone call away.
  • The coverage will help you restore your credit in the event of identity theft or fraud.
Hurricane Irene may affect our community with severe winds and rain. If you have questions about your policy or need to report a
claim, please contact us. We’re here to help
Protecting your home
When a storm damages your home, you should:
  • Protect your home from further damage. Stop water from leaking by shutting off the valve, place buckets in rooms with
    water leaks, hang plastic over damaged areas to prevent water from leaking into your home or board up broken windows for
  • Record the damage done to your home. Make a list of what is damaged in your home. Include details when possible – such as
    the brand name, manufacturer, serial number and approximate price you paid. Organize your list by room. A home inventory
    form can help you with this process. Our office can provide you with one.
  • Maintain a list of repair expenses. Keep track of the time you spend cleaning up or repairing your home after the claim. Also
    record any money you’ve spent on materials to temporarily fix the damage. It’s important that you don’t make any
    permanent repairs until your assigned adjuster has seen the damage.